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Containerized Mobile Systems

Wasted Syngas

High temperature flue gases can be collected, heat exchanged and utilized. This is a valuable renewable heat source, which is derived from the bioenergy feedstock through biochar making process. This can then be used for biomass drying and sanitizing, or for other heat source needs


Unique Characteristics of the System

1.  Standardized approaches

a.  Standardized design

b.  Standardized equipment specifications

c.  Standardized plant configurations

d.  Standardized automation control system

e.  Standardized operation and maintenance manuals

f.   Standardized training and maintenance procedures

g.  Standardized implementation of safety procedures

2.  Cost and time saving in setting up a new operation facility

a.  Cost and time saving from building a factory structure

b.  Cost and time saving from carrying out on-site equipment installation, electrical wiring, oil & water pipe connections and final commissioning etc. All of these works are completed before the containerized fertilizer plant is dispatched from the manufacturer.

Design Considerations

I. Key focus:

a.  Maximizing Biochar / Carbon Coated Minerals product output

b.  Maximizing the utilization of bioenergy (heat), produced from biochar making process for;

c.  Maximizing biochar-based fertilizer output through sanitizing & drying organic waste such as animal manure, sludge, etc., which is then mixed with biochar / carbon coated minerals

d.  Minimizing emission footprint and effective odour management

II. Design concept

1.  Biochar production is to use wasted agriculture & forest residues to produce biochar and bioenergy

2.  Biochar is value added and volume maximized through mixing with sanitized organic waste (animal manure, sludges, etc.), to produce biochar-based fertilizer

3.  Bioenergy produced from biochar making system is heat-exchanged and used to heat-treat and sanitize organic waste for making biochar-based fertilizer

III. Economic outcome potentially to achieve

l.  Commercial product output maximization – biochar-based fertilizer; its natural & organic, with a substantial carbon content. Depending on the type of input material and its moisture content, biochar-based fertilizer output can be between 400kg – 580kg / hour.

ll.  Carbon Credit potential maximization – capturing and utilizing bioenergy from biochar making process to produce biochar-based fertilizer. About 400kw/h excess heat is available to be used outside biochar making process.

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