• We pioneer the development
    of practical knowledge and skills of CCM production processes and related technologies​​;

  • We provide service to industries and businesses that plan to go to biochar production and need to go through proof of concept before investment decision;

  • We source and supply entire or sectional customized production system and equipment including:

    • Drying system

    • Hammering & pelletizing system

    • Combustion / pyrolysis system

    • Heat exchange, heat utilization and emission control systems

    • Hot oil heated sterilizing system

    • Cooling / mixing system

    • Packaging equipment


CPMTP, a Co-Owned Plant Spearheading Innovation in Biochar-based Solutions

Biochar, a carbon-rich material produced from organic waste, is the key component in all Tilapia solutions. Learn about the unique properties of biochar and the Tilapia Group

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