• R&D Projects

  • Product Trial Runs

  • Technology, Production Process & New Product Proof of Concept

Our facility and skills

  1. Formed in 2019, with a clear direction to be innovative in the development and  production of Carbon Coated Mineral products, which are produced from base raw materials of biomass and natural minerals;​​

  2. Located in regional Tamworth NSW, with unique advantages of having close access to a variety of raw materials in the surrounding areas including wood from forest, crop straws from agriculture farms and several mineral mines;

  3. Invested substantially in the technologies and equipment, to allow the development of the production process, based on the broad range of input of raw materials and the output of the desired end products;

  4. Our unique strength is that we have been extensively involved in product development and production of various R&D projects, through which we have acquired a great depth of  insight knowledge. This has enable us to:

    • become involved in the design and use of the appropriate technologies and equipment in different production phases to achieve desired result efficiently

    • create and improve the production processes going through various production stages, transforming raw materials into final products

  5. Our skilled employees manage the production process based on the product requirements and provide advise on

    • The equipment required to carry out the production

    • The processes and steps needed to make final products from diverse raw materials

Production system comprising

  1. Drying system

  2. Hammering & pelletizing system

  3. Pyrolysis system (including heat exchange to supply heat for drying / sterilizing, & wet scrubber for emission control)

  4. Sterilizing / torrefying system

  5. Cooling

  6. Mixing

  7. Grinding (if fine particle size is required),

  8. Pelletizing or granulating (if it is required), and

  9. Packaging

Our system & production process

  • We operate both continuous and batch pyrolysis that can produce a wide range of biochar & carbon coated minerals (CCM).

  • The input material generally are woodchips or sawdust, crop straws and natural minerals.

  • Based on the end-product requirement, the pyrolysis processing temperature can range from mid-300°C to 700°C.

  • Our pre-pyrolysis system for material preparations include hammering, drying, pre-treatments and mixing, and pelletizing if it is needed;

  • Our post-pyrolysis processing system includes; light acidifying quench to increase cation exchange capacity (CEC) and brings the pH down to the right acidity level, nutrient adding and cooling, and particle size reduction to fine powder through grinding. For the fertilizer products we can either make cold-pressed granules, or liquid fertilizer by emulsifying the CCM with liquid nutrients currently available on the market.

  • We can also mix biochar / carbon coated mineral with compost or animal manure, then sterilize and pelletize.

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