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Mobile Fertilizer Plant

  • Produce biochar and biochar-based fertilizer

  • Value adding to biochar

  • Quality and volume fertilizer production 

  • Heat used for Pre biochar-making drying, and

  • Post biochar-making bio-fertilizer material drying & sanitizing

  • Depending on the moisture content of the input raw material, there can still be available heat (through heat exchanged exhaust flue gas) for useful purposes

  • Bioenergy generation and utilization for carbon credit

A Simplified Process Flow Diagram (green arrows showing raw biomass material to product flow, red arrows showing heat energy flow and utilization)

2022-06-05 (12).png
2022-06-05 (14).png
2022-06-05 (15).png
2022-06-05 (17).png
2022-05-31 (8).png
2022-05-31 (9).png
2022-06-05 (21).png
2022-06-05 (23).png
2022-06-05 (22).png