CPMTP Sourcing & Supplying

This short video shows a biochar / carbon coated mineral production system, which is manufactured and fully assembled in China factory, for trial-run production and remote acceptance inspection by customers outside China.

Here is how we establish the work:

  • We work seamlessly with customers and manufacturers.

  • The design of the system is a joint effort between Australia, European engineers (if the customers are in Europe) and Chinese manufacturers , based on the customers requirements and the input raw materials availabilities, as well as local government regulations, and the potential market for the product.

  • The pyrolyzer or combustor, which is the critical key component of the system is designed by Professor Stephen Joseph and his son Ben Joseph. With Stephen's three decades extensive research and development work, and his deep knowledge in making biochar / carbon coated mineral, the design of the pyrolyzer / combustor has its uniquely well considered features.

  • The equipment is manufactured in China, where the experience has been built to produce quality integrated production system, including heat recovery and utilization, as well as emission control unit to meet regulatory requirements.

  • After the completion of manufacturing the equipment, the acceptance inspections can be conducted remotely using one of the online applications.

  • The live inspections usually involves three parties (customer, manufacturer, and Australian CPMTP team) from two to three or more countries, usually takes around 6 hours, plus or minus, from the initial introduction to carrying out the actual trial-run production, which includes:

    • pre-heating,

    • material feeding,

    • ignition,

    • various parameter adjustments to reach optimal pyrolysis conditions,

    • pyrolysis, then

    • biochar cooling,

    • biochar discharging, and finally

    • packaging,

  • CPMTP team in Australia organizes and participates the inspection, providing live support on running the trial production and sharing insight knowledge during the process.​

  • The live inspections are watched remotely by customers (from anywhere in the world) and the support team in Australia. The process is interactive, so questions can be asked and answered. The production steps and processes are demonstrated live by the manufacturer in China and are explained by the supporting team in Australia.